Achieve Your Dream Smile With Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Restore your teeth and confidence with affordable cosmetic dentistry services in Johns Creek, GA. We at Dentistry at Ivy Falls are here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams, whether that means whiter teeth, having veneers, or improving the look and function of a dental condition.

Call our local clinic to get started with the personalized dental care that you deserve. Our family and cosmetic dentistry practice in Johns Creek, Georgia offers services for every budget. Let’s discuss how we can work together to develop a treatment plan tailored for you.

Ready for whiter, brighter teeth? Turn to us for a cosmetic dentistry treatment in Johns Creek, Georgia. Our professional teeth whitening service delivers results that patients can’t stop smiling about! Our safe, high-concentration bleaching agents whiten teeth up to eight shades. Dentistry lasers then effectively deepen the whitening process, so it only takes one hour to see noticeable results.

Our practice uses Opalescence Boost® to create and maintain whiter teeth. This treatment is applied by your cosmetic dentist in-office, but we also offer at-home teeth whitening treatments for your convenience.

Porcelain Veneers

Achieve your ideal look with a complete smile makeover! Porcelain veneers are strong, thin sheets of porcelain that work to alter the shape, size, and color of your teeth. This treatment is completely customized to your teeth for natural-looking results.

Veneers are a long-lasting solution for dental imperfections, such as chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. We perform a thorough evaluation to ensure patients are good candidates for veneers before preparing the teeth, shade-matching and creating the veneers, and bonding the material.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an affordable, minimally invasive solution for improving the appearance of your natural teeth. This is a great option for patients looking to conceal certain stains, chips gaps and cracks. Our dentists will apply a tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of your teeth and then bond it into place.


In just one to two visits, patients will be able to see a visible improvement in the look and function of the teeth. Cosmetic bonding is an alternative treatment to dental crowns and porcelain veneers, and it preserves the natural dental structure without requiring any serious preparation.


ClearCorrect aligners are removable and easy to use, so they won’t disrupt your daily life. If you want straighter teeth without having to deal with traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect is a leading alternative that shapes your smile over time. These clear aligners are convenient and comfortable, and should be worn 22 hours a day for best results.


They work by strategically applying pressure to straighten your teeth. Our dentists are certified ClearCorrect providers, so ask us at your next visit whether you’re a candidate for this treatment!

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