Maintain Oral Health With Our Comprehensive Teeth Cleaning and Checkups

Routine comprehensive exams and teeth cleaning are recommended for patients of all ages. Twice a year, you’ll come in for a full dental checkup performed by our dentists and dental hygienists.

Why Dental Cleaning Is Important

Teeth cleaning is an essential part of oral hygiene and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular cleanings help remove plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth, which cannot be adequately addressed through brushing and flossing alone. 

Dental cleaning involves scaling to remove the hardened plaque, known as tartar, from the teeth, followed by polishing to smoothen the tooth surfaces and remove any remaining stains. This process helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.
Teeth deep cleaning is a more intensive form of dental cleaning. It is often necessary when there is a buildup of tartar below the gum line, which can lead to gum disease. This procedure helps to prevent further damage to the gums and bone supporting the teeth and to promote healing.

Have Your Teeth Checked and Cleaned by Our Dental Professionals

Make sure to schedule regular teeth cleaning and dental checkups to catch any issues early on and receive proper treatment, maintain a healthy smile, and achieve overall oral health. 

Patients across Georgia, especially those from Johns Creek and Alpharetta, can turn to us for a range of dental services, which include periodontal treatments, professional teeth whitening, and more.
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